Camperpark              't Dommerholt 

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In Borculo, located in the beautiful Achterhoek, we offer 30 completely new camper pitches and associated facilities! The first sustainable and circular camper park in the Achterhoek! Every camper is welcome at our park for a stop or for a longer stay. Relax and enjoy everything the Achterhoek has to offer!

Our park is located about 5 minutes from the town of Borculo, known for the storm disaster of 1925 and the various museums. Borculo has a Fire and Storm Disaster Museum, Crystal Museum, Farm Museum de Lebbenbrugge and the old synagogue. The old heart of Borculo with, among other things, an ancient water mill (owned by Prince Willem V of Orange) takes you back to times gone by...

Also highly recommended is a trip on the Berkel with a real Berkelzomp! For more information: Berkelzomp Foundation.

Also 5 minutes away is the Hambroekplas. This was originally a sand extraction lake and is now used for swimming, surfing and fishing.

And don't you feel like doing anything for a while? It is wonderful to relax on the terrace of our adjacent Icecream Farm! How about a cup of coffee with a delicious piece of apple pie? Perhaps you prefer a delicious cold beer or a rosé. Or one of the many delicious ice cream sundaes? We are happy to help you!

We wish you a pleasant stay at our park!

Note: Upon arrival, report to the ice cream parlor FIRST before entering the park!